Civil Service Documents

Sr. # Title Author Year Publisher Document Type
1. A Good Analysis of State of Affairs Regarding Indian Administrative Service in India Ahmad, Faizan et al. 2004 - Newspaper Article
2. The Social, Political and Economic Determinants of the New Public Management in Hong Kong K. Au et al. - - Conference Paper
3. Hazrat Ali's Famous Epistle to Malik Ashtar, Governor of Egypt Ali bin Abu Talib - - Letter
4. Do we need generalists in government? Venkitaramanan, S. - - Article
5. The economic (in)efficiency of devolution Rodríguez-Pose, Andrés; Bwire, Adala 2003 Department of Geography and Environment, London School of Economics Research Paper
6. Development and Training for Civil Servants - - - Book Chapter
7. Civil, Evil or Devil? Poudel, Keshab - - Article
8. What is Needed For Civil Service Reforms Altaf, Zafar - - Newspaper Article
9. Public Governance Ammineedu, A 2002 Financial Times Information Limited Newspaper Article
10. Civil Service System (articles on 10 countries) - - - Article (10 articles on on 10 different countries Civil Service Systems)
11. The IAS lacks norms to deal with political authority Dhanoa, S. S. - - Article
12. Minister-Secretary relations: Getting the best of Ministers - 2004 Financial Times Information Limited Newspaper Article
13. National Executive Service: Panacea Untested - - - Book Chapter
14. Local Government Management: Case Study Of New Zealand - 2004 Profile Publishing Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand Case Study
15. Civil Service Reform and Decentralization - - - Short Essay
16. Moral Agency and Moral Citizenship: Politics, Administration, and Ethics Reform Garofalo, Charles 2003 International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration Conference Paper
17. The Civil Services: Questions of Reform and Governance Khan, Saad S. - Oxford University Press Essay
18. The United Kingdom Civil Service Code Machinery of Government Secretariat 1999 Cabinet Office, London Official Document
19. E-Governance at local government level: challenges and opportunities Sherdil, Khalid 2005 Provincial Program Support Office Pilot Project Study
20. Improvisational Change Management in the Public Sector Nilsson, Agneta et al. 2001 IEEE Conference Paper
21. Presentation on the National Commission for Government Reform Husain, Ishrat - - Presentation
22. Governance in Pakistan in The Changing Contemporary Scenario Sherdil, A.Z. Khan 2011 Last Lecture at CSA 10.01.2011 Presentation
23. The First Hundred Days Sherdil, A.Z. Khan 2007 Daily Dawn Newspaper Article
24. Institutions, Not Individuals Sherdil, A.Z. Khan - - Presentation
25. Governance in Pakistan in the Changing Contemporary Scenario Sherdil, A.Z. Khan - - Short Essay
26. Reforming the Devolution Plan Sherdil, A.Z. Khan 2002 - Newspaper Article
27. Reforming The Devolution Plan: Concept Paper Sherdil, A.Z. Khan 2007 - Concept Paper
28. Policy Paper on Balochistan Sherdil, A.Z. Khan - - Short Essay
29. Speech of Mr. AZK Sherdil, Chief Secretary Punjab to 71STNMC Sherdil, A.Z. Khan 2007 - Speech
30. Assessment of Local Government System in Punjab Sherdil, A.Z. Khan; Rana, Muhammad Ahsan 2008 Institute of Public Policy (IPP) Beaconhouse National University Monograph
31. Administration Through Local Councils Sherdil, A.Z. Khan - Services, General Administration and Information Department, Govt. of Balochistan Official Document
32. Devolution in Pakistan: Reform or Regression International Crisis Group 2004 International Crisis Group Report
33. Civil Service Reform and Decentralization - - - Short Essay
34. Devolution: the saviour Naqvi, Tanwir H. 2005 Jang Group of Newspapers Newspaper Article
35. Decentralization in Pakistan: Context, Content and Causes Cheema, Ali; Ijaz, Asim; Qadir, Adnan 2004 MIT Press Book Chapter
36. Schizophrenic Policy Advice From ICG National Reconstruction Bureau 2005 National Reconstruction Bureau Report
37. Rethinking Decentralization At The World Bank Litvack, Jennie; Ahmad, Junaid; Bird, Richard - - Essay