Press Release

For the first time in it's history the PAS Officers Association has unanimously elected a female officer Ms. Rabiya Javeri Agha as its President.

An Extra-Ordinary Meeting of Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) Association (Federal Chapter) was held at Islamabad Club on October 8th and attended by senior PAS and retired CSP Officers. Her name was proposed by outgoing President Mr Younus Dagha, keeping in line the service traditions of unanimity in decision.

Ms Rabiya Javeri Agha is currently posted as Federal Secretary Human Rights. An officer of 1986 batch of PAS, Ms Agha belongs to Sindh and at BPS 22 is one of the senior most female officers of the Government of Pakistan. A graduate in Politics and Literature from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts USA, she entered the civil service in 1986.

Ms Agha has served the Government in several capacities. In her judicial assignments she was both ‘first class’ and juvenile magistrate. She has worked as Director General, Federal Ombudsman, Secretary Local Government Board, and Financial Advisor to the Mayor and City of Karachi from 1998 to 2000.

As Secretary Women’s Development Department, she was instrumental in initiating free legal aid facilities for indigent women and for the set up of women’s shelters throughout Sindh. Prior to this, Ms Rabiya also served as Secretary, Energy, Secretary Tourism, and Special Secretary to the Governor of Sindh.

During her posting as Federal Secretary, Ministry of Human Rights, Rabiya was responsible for promulgation of the National Commission on the Rights of the Child Bill 2017, the Hindu marriage Act 2017, the ICT Child Protection Bill, and Juvenile Justice Ordinance System 2018. Rabiya has presented and defended five treaty reports at the United Nations. Due to strong initiatives by the Ministry of Human Rights, Pakistan was recently elected to the UN Council of Human Rights which is a great achievement for the country.

Ms Javeri Agha said that Pakistan is passing through challenging times, and as per tradition, each officer should work with perseverance for the national interest. The officers expressed unity towards the goals of the Association and pledged to work with integrity and efficiency.

اسلام آباد(نیوز رپورٹر) پاکستان ایڈمنسٹریٹو سروس آفیسرز ایسوسی ایشن نے متفقہ طور پر ربیعہ جویری آغا کو صدر منتخب کر لیا۔۔پیر کو ایڈمنسٹریٹو سروس ایسوسی ایشن کا اجلاس اسلام آباد کلب میں منعقد ہوا جس میں پاکستان ایڈمنسٹریٹو سروس گروپ کے سینئر اور ریٹائرڈ سی ایس پی افسران نے شرکت کی۔ اجلاس کے دوران یونس دھاگہ نے ربیعہ جویری آغا کا نام پیش کیا جس پر سب نے اعتماد کا اظہار کیا۔۔تفصیلات کے مطابق ربیعہ جویری آغا گریڈ 22 کی افسر ہیں اور فیڈرل سیکرٹری انسانی حقوق کے طور پر اپنی خدمات انجام دے رہی ہیں۔ربیعہ آغا اس سے قبل جوڈیشل مجسٹریٹ ۔ڈی جی خواتین محتسب ۔سیکرٹری لوکل گورنمنٹ ۔فنانشل ایڈوائزر۔سیکرٹری انرجی ۔سیکرٹری ٹورزم ۔سپیشل سیکرٹری سندھ اور وومن ڈویلپمنٹ کے طور پر بھی خدمات انجام دے چکی ہیں۔