Malaysian Public Service

Article 132 of the Constitution of Malaysia stipulates that the Public Service consist of the General Public Service of the Federation; the State Public Services; and the Joint Public Services, among others. For all intents and purpose, Statutory Bodies and the Local Authorities are also considered as part of the Public Service. However, with the implementation of the separation concept under the New Remuneration System which became effective on 1 January 1993, several public sector agencies were given the freedom to institute their own policies and procedures. These agencies, whose activities were akin to that of businesses and were in good financial stead, were allowed to determine their own policies and procedures pertaining to appointments, terms and conditions of service.
Public agencies are agencies in the Public Service at the Federal, State and the Local Government levels. Federal agencies consist of Ministries, Federal Departments and Federal Statutory Bodies. Each Ministry is headed by a Minister and the executive officer is known as the Secretary General. The Prime Minister’s Department is also a ministry. Typically there will be a number of departments and possibly one or more statutory bodies as well under a ministry. Head of departments are given the title Director General. Head of statutory bodies are called chairman while the chief executive officer who is a civil servant is called the General Manager. There are statutory bodies headed by the executive chairman who also functions as the General Manager. State Agencies consist of state departments, state statutory bodies and local governments (City, Municipal and District Councils).
The term Public Service does not include special institutions like the Judiciary, Public Service Commissions, the Election Commission and like institutions whose members are appointed by the Yang DiPertuan Agong (King). Nevertheless, the organizations providing support or secretarial services to these institutions are public agencies whose officers and staff are from the Public Service.