Brazil Civil Service

In Brazil public servants are hired through entrance examinations, known as Public Contests - Concurso Público, in Portuguese -. There are several companies that the government hires to do the examinations, the most known are the Cespe, the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, ESAF, established in universities and the Foundation Cesgranrio. The position is filled according to the examination score.
In Brazil, public officials are privileged compared to the private sector.
-- Culture Pass (yet to be enforced) 
-- About 15% of their salary to spend more on movies, theater and other leisure and cultureMaternity leave - Maternity leave for a time in Brazil is 120 days to 180 days are public officialsLifelong employment - It is prohibited to resign civil servants in Brazil, except if there is any occurrence or very serious violation.Wage - The civil servants are among the richest working class in Brazil, depending on the career