Charter of P.A.S Association
1. Name

The Association shall be called the Pakistan Administrative Service  Association 
[ *Amended as per announcement of the Prime Minister dated 17-05-2012, by the 23rd Meeting of CEC of PASA 2010-12]

2. Membership

The Membership of the Association extends to
-- All Officers serving in P.A.S
-- All former C.S.P officers presently serving in any other group.
-- All P.C.S. officers inducted into APUG.

3. Co-opted Members

The Executive Committee may Co-opt serving officers connected with teaching and practice of Public Administration.

4. Associate Members

All retired or ex officers of the Cadres mentioned in Clause 2 may become associate members.  Associate Members will not have the right to vote [or to contest elections] but shall have the right to participate in discussions.

5. Patrons

The association will request the following dignitaries to become patrons of the association:
-- President of Pakistan
-- Prime Minister of Pakistan

6. Objectives

Raising the standard of the profession of Public Administration in the country in order to provide
-- improved service to the common manProfessional development of members of the association.
-- Provision of a forum to discuss and promote matters of mutual interest such as Welfare, service conditions etc. and providing opportunities for healthy inter action and reaction.
-- To work for elimination of inter service and inter group rivalry and creation of harmony among officers in general.
-- To work for better training and improved working conditions for subordinates in general.
-- To promote introduction of modern equipment and managerial practices.
-- To promote research relating to Public Administration.

7. Office Bearers

The Executive Committee of the association will be elected by the members is an extra-ordinary meeting and consist of the following:
-- President = 1
-- Vice Presidents= 1 (plus 1 each for all the four provinces)
-- General Secretary= 1
-- Treasurer= 1
-- Members= 11
One third of the members of the Executive Committee shall form the quorum for its meetings.  Executive Committee will meet at least once in three months

Except the Four Vice-Presidents representing the four provinces and Members Executive Council, all four office bearers in the Federal Chapter should be those officers who are serving in Islamabad/Rawalpindi city.  In case of any vacancy the election will be held at the earliest possible until election, the Executive Committee may nominate any member to fill the vacancy temporarily.  Elections of office bearers will be held in an extra-ordinary meeting specially called for the purpose for which seven days clear notice will have to be given.  The elections will be conducted by an election committee whose members will not be candidates for any office.  The election committee shall be nominated in a meeting of the executive committee.  All elections will be held by secret ballot.

8. Meetings

There will be following types of meetings:-
Annual general meeting to deal with the following business:-

Ordinary meetings to deal with regular and routine terms of agenda approved by President.
Extra-Ordinary meetings will deal with:-

The annual general meeting will preferably be held in the month of January.  Ordinary meetings may be summoned by the President after giving three days' notice.  Extra-ordinary meetings may be arranged by the Executive Committee for a specified purpose after giving due notice.  Extra-ordinary meetings will also be convened if requested in writing by fifteen members.

9. Membership Fee

Members of all categories will pay an annual fee of Rs.300/-.  Membership fee may be revised by resolution of the executive committee from time to time.

10. Quorum

The quorum for all types of meetings will be twenty.

11. Amendment to Constitution

Constitution may be amended in an extra-ordinary meeting called for the purpose provided forty or 2/3rds of the members present, which ever number is higher vote for the amendment.

12. Provincial Chapters

The President of the association will facilitate formation/election of provincial chapters of the association that will be headed by the Vice-President from that province, who shall be the President of the provincial chapter concerned.  All provisions of the constitution will apply to the provincial chapters mutatis mutandis except the provision relating to amendment of the constitution.  In the absence of the President, the Vice-President concerned shall preside over the meeting of the executive committee or any other meeting of the provincial chapters.  Provincial chapters will elect their own executive committees.  In case of any difficulty or ambiguity about interpretation of any clause of the constitution a ruling may be obtained from the executive committee of the PAS Association Islamabad.